Providing a forum for community and industry collaboration to address water quality, quantity and storm water challenges in Southern Louisiana.

Water is plentiful in Louisiana, and too much water is often the challenge – leading to flooding, drainage, and loss of wetlands. Increasingly water quality is also a concern with more than 340 streams or lakes not meeting one or more of their designated uses – saltwater intrusion in ground water, the Gulf of Mexico hypoxia zone, and eutrophication of inland lakes. And what will the future bring as coastal resiliency initiatives change the flow of the Mississippi and water use and water diversions upstream increasingly impact Louisiana?

While there is recognition that water management challenges are best addressed locally, there are not many forums where business leaders can come together to participate in focused interactions to identify water management issues, share best practices across industries, identify practical solutions and work together to implement them. This project creates that forum in Southern Louisiana.

The US BCSD will bring business leaders from multiple industries together to identify challenges related to water quality, quantity, and storm water; identify practical solutions; and work together to implement those solutions.

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